Candy Barr AKA: Juanita Dale Slusher
Exotic Dancer • Actress • Singer • Author

The Brick House

November 11th, 2012

Candy Barr was directed toward R&D Receiving and Discharge. She was an “R”. She was stripped, her crevices were examined for contraband, her hair felt, and then she was showered. She then moved to the bins where prison uniforms (all white) were issued. Once dressed she moved to “identification”. She was fingerprinted, photographed, and tagged with No. 153781.

Her luggage, money and personal efects were at the next station called “Property”. The person at the desk asked her, “Where do you want this lugage sent?” Nita answered the question with another question. “What do you mean? I want to keep it.” Arude answer came back from behind the desk. “You can’t keep it. Where do you want it sent?” The voice was sterner this time. Candy tried to argue and 2 very large prison guards appeared. Nita gave Etta’s address to the one behind the desk.

Story continued on Page 301 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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The Trial

October 19th, 2010

Judge Brown had set aside the week of February 8th, 1958 for the trial of Candy Barr.  Monday didn’t count as the  judge wanted to use that day to accept a passell of guilty pleas. Tuesday would be motions day, as he wanted to dispose of all dilatory matters, so as “not to keep the jury waiting” while the laywers argued.

Wade still had two tricks up his sleeve. The first was using the news media to bolster his case.. On February 8th, the district atorney called a press conference. He had his top prosecutor, Bill Alexander, with him. Wade made a few remarks and then turned control over to Alexander who would be lead prosecutor.

Story continued on Page 211 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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Karl “Shorty” Anderson

September 12th, 2010

“Shorty” Anderson was clean cut and good looking. At five-three, he was of stout build, looking strong like a wrestler, with an easy smile. Dressed in his better cloths he could pass as a banker or a church deacon- But he was mean as hell.

He had a real job in Dallas. Gulf States Oil Company hired him as a mechanic to service and maintain their gas pumps, air compressors, water hydrants and hoses, cash registers, door latches and anything else that broke at their service stations all over Dallas. That was his regular job.

His irregular job was burglary, robbery, and safe cracking.

Story continued on Page 37 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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Jack Newton

August 11th, 2010

Norma and Candy gathered a group that night and went club hopping. Accompanying the group was Jack Newton, one of Candy’s dance partners. They made the headlines that night

Jack Newton had won about $40,000 from Archie Chandler in a card game. Chandler was one of Bennie Binion’s men. Gene Gunter and Richard Jenkins, two of Binion’s enforcers, caught up with Newton later that night and robbed him, not only of the $40,000 but an additional $15,000.

The next night, seemingly unpreturbed by the robbery, Newton joined Candy to go bar hopping.

While they were out on the town, at about 1:30 AM a knock came on the door of a room at the Blue Top Inn on Davis Avenue. When Gene Gunter came to the door, a shotgun blew his head off.

Story continued on Page 165 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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Benny Binion and the Weinsteins

July 28th, 2010

Word about Dallas’ “wide open zone” reached the ears of one Lester Ben “Benny” Binion, a thirty-two year old gambler with a notable past history. Benny would soon become the King in the Zone.

Born in Grayson County, Texas in 1904, Binion was the son of a horse trader and he spent his sickly youth traveling with his father. His schoolhouse was the campgrounds where horse traders gathered to awat market days. The subjects he studied were how to judge the age of a horse by looking at his teeth and gambling with cards and dice. He earned an “A Plus” in both courses. He nevere darkened the door of a church or a real schoolhouse.

Story continued on Page 77 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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Jack Leon Ruby

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June 21st, 2010

Two of the Jews sent down from the north were Jack and Eva Rubenstein, brother and sister. Jack had a tough, calculating mind, callous by an early childhood that taught distrust and survival at any cost.

Jacob Leon Rubenstein, born 1912, was reared by a “low” Jewish family on Chicago’s South Side. It was a tough area of poor families where it was not safe for “good people” to go. His mother was illiterate and his father an abusive drunk.

American Jews are divided into two classes. A “low” Jewish family’s ancestors came from the Balkan area of Europe, where Arab blood had mixed in. The “high” Jew had more Jewish blood mixed with western blood. The “highs” look down upon the “lows”, much the same as a Negro with white blood considered himself better than a full blooded Negro.

Story continued on Page 81 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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Lee Harvey Oswald: The Patsy

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June 8th, 2010

The choice to use Oswald was an easy one. Oswald’s undoing was his continuous bragging about what a good shot he was. About his Marine training he would end it by saying “I’m a sharpshooter” Moreover he was not a man who studied current events. Ruby had met Oswald several years earlier in Cuba during one of  his gun running trips to the Island. Selling guns to Batista was illegal long before Castro ran him out of the cuntry. The United States made it doubly illeagle after Castro and his fatigues  took control. To Marcello, the more illegal the act, the greater the profit.

Story continued on Page 338 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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Brownwood Boy Arrested

May 17th, 2010

In April of 1956, two twenty-one-year-old boys, Thomas James and Fred Grimes, drove from Brownwood, Texas to Dallas to visit Betty James, Thomas’ sister and a student at Southern Methodist University. While visiting the campus a group of students decided on a trip to the Colony Club. Car loaded with students including Thomas and Fred caravanned downtown.

A big 2-sided sign on the Colony Club’s sidewalk pictured a gorgeous blond in a white cowboy hat, her 36-23-34 torso covered with a blue cowboy top and shorts, wearing empty gun holsters. The blond had her 2 Colt 45s pointed toward the camera. Beneath the sign the beautiful lady was identified as Candy Barr.

At the ticket office, a small sign warned that one must be at least 21 to enter the establishment. Each student purchased a five dollar ticket and entered the club. It was a slow night, half full or half empty, depending on your point of view. In the stage a young girl was traipsing around on the stage, swaying to the music of the small orchestra and slipping of pieces of her clothing. When her dance ended, the lights came up for intermission. Thomas and Fred ordered fifty cent soft drinks and waited for Candy Barr to appear. Suddenly all hell broke loose. A passel of Dallas cops poured in ans began arresting the college boys, including Thomas and Fred.

Story continued on Page 178 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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Candy in Brownwood

April 23rd, 2010

Travis left the Marines, worked down south doing construction work, then accepted the offer to manage the night clube across the street from Gomez Restaurant. The club has gone by many names and the original building was leveled and rebuilt from the ground up. It was known in the old days as “Neal’s Place” and More recently as “Tequila Nights” but at the time it was known as “The Red Lantern”.

When Travis told Candy he was moving to Brownwood to manage the club, candy contacted Gloria Carver at her house on Lake Brownwood. Gloria, now alone, invited Candy, and Ray, and the dogs to come live with her. To Candy, the arrangement was similar to the small block house she grew up in, crowded with so many brothers, and sisters, and hound dogs.

Story continued on Page 408 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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A book review by Adrian N. Turnbow, phd

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March 25th, 2010

A beautiful Blond stripper, mobsters and a Mafia chieftain, an actress, a preacher, an FBI director, a Texas Governor, and Melvin Belli, are all characters in this spellbinding book.

Juanita Dale Slusher, Alias Candy Barr,Jack Ruby, Mickey Cohen, Bennie Binion, Joan Collins, Billy Graham, J. Edgar Hoover, Burt Lancaster, John Conley, Hugh Hefner- All names straight out of the history books. George A. Day has gathered names, places and facts in this book to describe the life of America’s first porn star and how a love affair in Dallas created a trap that landed her in Prison. A Pleasure to read with exciting revelations.

Adrian Nn Turnbow, PHD
Professor of Political Science, U of C, Berkeley

The book is available here > Candy Barr, The Book.

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