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Candy Barr & W. O. Bankston

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January 10th, 2010

One of Candy’s best customers for scheduling stag parties was William O. Bankston. Now a Ford dealer in Dallas, he began his career in the automobile business alongside of Joe Weatherby in Brownwood Texas at Weatherby Motor Company. Bankston atended Howard Payne College in Brownwood before World War II where he gained local notoriety by winning a “tree siting” contest.

At the end of World War II the new car business was booming. Weather assisted Bankston in securing a Dallas Ford dealership. For the 1st 18 months, Bankston pre-sold cars which were yet to be produced. Life was good.

The “new car” companies always used sex in advertising their cars with prety girls opening car doors or displaying excitement while driving a new model. Bankston often sponsored stag parties for his male customers and politicians. He met Candy at the Colony Club and later at a stag party. She put on some super parties for Bankston. They became the best of friends.

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