Candy Barr AKA: Juanita Dale Slusher
Exotic Dancer • Actress • Singer • Author

Jack Newton

August 11th, 2010

Norma and Candy gathered a group that night and went club hopping. Accompanying the group was Jack Newton, one of Candy’s dance partners. They made the headlines that night

Jack Newton had won about $40,000 from Archie Chandler in a card game. Chandler was one of Bennie Binion’s men. Gene Gunter and Richard Jenkins, two of Binion’s enforcers, caught up with Newton later that night and robbed him, not only of the $40,000 but an additional $15,000.

The next night, seemingly unpreturbed by the robbery, Newton joined Candy to go bar hopping.

While they were out on the town, at about 1:30 AM a knock came on the door of a room at the Blue Top Inn on Davis Avenue. When Gene Gunter came to the door, a shotgun blew his head off.

Story continued on Page 165 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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