Candy Barr AKA: Juanita Dale Slusher
Exotic Dancer • Actress • Singer • Author

The Trial

October 19th, 2010

Judge Brown had set aside the week of February 8th, 1958 for the trial of Candy Barr.  Monday didn’t count as the  judge wanted to use that day to accept a passell of guilty pleas. Tuesday would be motions day, as he wanted to dispose of all dilatory matters, so as “not to keep the jury waiting” while the laywers argued.

Wade still had two tricks up his sleeve. The first was using the news media to bolster his case.. On February 8th, the district atorney called a press conference. He had his top prosecutor, Bill Alexander, with him. Wade made a few remarks and then turned control over to Alexander who would be lead prosecutor.

Story continued on Page 211 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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