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The Brick House

November 11th, 2012

Candy Barr was directed toward R&D Receiving and Discharge. She was an “R”. She was stripped, her crevices were examined for contraband, her hair felt, and then she was showered. She then moved to the bins where prison uniforms (all white) were issued. Once dressed she moved to “identification”. She was fingerprinted, photographed, and tagged with No. 153781.

Her luggage, money and personal efects were at the next station called “Property”. The person at the desk asked her, “Where do you want this lugage sent?” Nita answered the question with another question. “What do you mean? I want to keep it.” Arude answer came back from behind the desk. “You can’t keep it. Where do you want it sent?” The voice was sterner this time. Candy tried to argue and 2 very large prison guards appeared. Nita gave Etta’s address to the one behind the desk.

Story continued on Page 301 of Candy Barr, The Book.

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