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October 10th, 2009

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Contains Jack Ruby’s version of
President Kennedy’s Assassination.


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Learn what Jack Ruby told Candy Barr about the Kennedy
assassination, as you discover Jack Ruby’s version of it and the statements
the Warren Commission never heard. Her friends and lovers gave her a picture
of the Mob world that few people see, and even fewer live to tell about.

The 1931 conspiracy between Meyer Lansky the New York Chieftain and J Edgar
Hoover, head of the FBI. Whereby Lansky blackmailed Hoover into making a
public stance that NO organized crime existed in the United States a conspiracy
that died with the Hoover’s death in 1972.

Candy was a headliner at the Colony Club in Dallas, later in Vegas on the
strip, and at the Largo in Hollywood.

The wicked Dallas establishment planted marijuana on her, convicted to serve
15 years she worked Vegas. The West Coast Mafia Chieftain Mickey Cohen, (under
Meyer Lansky), fell in love with her.

An IRS investigation on Cohen resulted in a contract settled on her life, her
escape to prison, and its aftermath. Follow Jack Ruby her best male friend and
the true story of the JFK. assassination in Dallas, her love life and a Texas
pardon, a final tour of the clubs, followed by a political sting in a small
West Texas town where the writer was the District Attorney.

This exciting life story of "Nita", dubbed one of two Texas Icons of
the Twentieth Century, the other is Willie Nelson. This "Super
American" girl was beautiful, sexy to a fault, a dancing stripper at the
Colony Club in the wicked ZONE in Dallas where she and Jack Ruby became fast

Negotiations for the movie rights for this book are currently in progress!

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