Candy Barr AKA: Juanita Dale Slusher
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March 12th, 2010

Book Reviews of
“Juanita Dale Phillips AKA Candy Barr”

            “The fact that Candy Barr named the Dallas Cowboys Professional Football Franchise and selected it’s colors of blue and white because they were the same as her high school, is one of the many surprises people find on the pages of this book. Candy Barr, AKA Juanita Dale Phillips vividly details the life and loves of the dancer/stripper who was a close friend with the likes of Jack Ruby, John Conley, and Mickey Cohen. Her escape from an attempted mafia assassination in Mexico City with the help of the IRS is a compelling account of one of her many real life adventures. Life in a Texas prison and her pardon by Governor John Conley is a spicy bit of reading. This book is a “must read” if you are a history buff interested in what’s perhaps the defining account about the “loan shooter” in Dallas Texas in November of 1963.”

John McCall
Shenandoah Valley News